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Revolutionary Pet Stain and Odor Remover

We all love our pets, but not the stains and odors our furry friends leave behind. When you're looking for an effective cleaner to remove urine stains and odors from your carpets, count on Golden ChemDry. Our revolutionary new product, P.U.R.T., has shown excellent results on even the worst urine damage.

Oft times, a pet will continually use the same general location, causing major damage to one section of your floor. Urine odors are powerful and can penetrate nearly any surface, from hardwood or cement flooring to even the framework of your home.

Pet urine doesn't just stay in your carpets. It penetrates deep into the fibers and down to the flooring beneath your carpet. Simple cleaning isn't enough when urine damage is the problem. It requires dedicated restoration work. But thanks to P.U.R.T. - even the most damaged areas can now be saved. Call us today at (516) 882-0933 for a FREE estimate and to schedule your cleaning.

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How P.U.R.T. Works

Firstly - our highly trained crew will locate the source of your home's pet odors and the severity of the damage that has been caused. In some cases, the carpet must be pulled back to reveal the extent of the damage. Then we give your carpets a thorough rinse and extraction with hot water to remove a majority of the urine crystals.

If necessary, the pad will be removed, and odor-blocking shellac applied to the subfloor before replacing the padding. P.U.R.T. is then applied heavily to the tack strip, subfloor, baseboards, and carpet backing to saturate all areas affected by the urine.

The P.U.R.T. cleaner will break down the odor-causing components, leaving your home smelling fresh again. The P.U.R.T. cleaner takes between 24 and 36 hours to effectively break the components down and is dependent on the extent of the damage. Additional charges may apply to unique situations.

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